Noble Eye Care

Noble Eye Care is a super specialty eye care centre founded and run by AIIMS Alumni. The mission of the centre is to provide eye care par-excellence in an ethical and compassionate manner.

Monday - Friday
10:00 - 19:00
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Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon - Noble Eye Care

Optimum health is the prime necessity for all people today and includes various levels of examination and tests. Thanks to all the technological advances and achievements in the medical arena, today, getting oneself checked and diagnosed is not an unachievable feat. Be it the heart, lungs, ear, throat, stomach, or eye; there is a specialist for every part of our body. These specialists are not only experienced, but experts in the area and have a keen insight into various terminology, concepts, and the latest advancements. They are well aware of the patient’s needs, fears, and expectations and get everything in sync with the diagnosis.

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Out Patient Department

OPD with custom equipment for children and adults and electronic medical record keeping. Pharmacy and Optical dispensing for added convenience.

Ophthalmic Operating Theatre

Spacious ophthalmic OT is well equipped for most eye surgeries and has general anaesthesia facility

Day-care Unit

Equipped with deluxe semi-fowler beds and has preoperative and postoperative monitoring facility for adults and children

Deluxe OPD Waiting Area

Comfortable Couches with seating for adults and children, plenty of entertainment options and complimentary beverages are on the offer

Ophthalmic Investigation Labs

Special investigations such as optical coherence tomography, visual fields, A/B scan and synoptophore

Child Friendly Environment

Play area for children with plenty of entertainment options for them while they get examined by a child-friendly staff

About Us

Noble Eye Care Gurgaon is a state-of-the-art super specialty eye care center headquartered at Gurugram and having multiple clinics in Delhi NCR. It is providing specialty ophthalmology services in all fields of ophthalmology and is manned by ophthalmologists trained and experienced from AIIMS, New Delhi. Excellence in eye care is achieved by harvesting the vast experience of the lead surgeons, backed by the credibility of their education at an apex eye institute, and combining it with the use of latest state-of-the art equipment and compassion and ethics.


Our Blog

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Yes, you can check the details of our services under our investigation tab or contact us now.
It is advisable to take an appointment before visiting the clinic as it will save you inconvenience and hassle. We will check the schedule and availability of the doctors and let you know the best time possible.
We are a leading eye care centre in Gurgaon, providing bespoke eye care services to all. In case you wish to have a wheelchair, please contact us beforehand for all the related queries and details.
Yes. We specialise in testing the eyes of children as young as newborns. Play area for children is available with plenty of entertainment options for them while they get examined by a child-friendly staff. For more details, contact us now.
Yes, we have tie-ups with different insurance providers and TPAs.